Land Equity in Zakynthos.


With land in Greek Islands currently undervalued, in short supply and rarely made available, we are able to apply our local expertise to offer more advantageous terms for a limited period only. 

This is a low-risk, high ROI and affordable opportunity with quick returns.

The offer

Equity shareholders receive fixed short-term two-digit interest return plus investment amount when the shares will be redeemed.

The process

  • Apply online to Milestone Invest for your share allotment.
  • Acceptance via ID validation online.
  • Receive your share allocation and number(s).
  • Pay by digital wire transfer.
  • Receive your share certificate.
  • Receive initial investment + ROI when the term date is closed and Milestone Invest buys back the shares.


For more information on how you can take advantage of this rare equity opportunity, please get in touch.