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How to Choose the Right Property to buy in Greece?

Buying property in Greece is exciting as it is one of the most sought-after residency by investment hotspots in the world.
The buying process here is pretty straightforward, even for a foreigner. Also, there’s no property you can’t find here. Whether you’re looking for modern homes, historic villas, townhouses, apartments, and plots of land, everything is available.
Relocating to this beautiful Mediterranean country requires a bit of planning and local know-how. It is advisable to look for a local partner who can guide you through the entire process even if it will be better if you can take a trip to the place where you’d like to buy beforehand.
As many properties are historic, take a builder or other professional to check for any problems or necessary maintenance.
You can also get well-kept, up-to-date homes or even work with your architect to design your home, but it is always good to do your research.
Moreover, you may need ID proof, residence proof, visa, bank statements, and other documentation. Review your finances and set your budget and make a list of ‘must-haves and ‘nice-to-haves.


Firstly, choose the property that best fits your needs.
After the property is confirmed, make an offer to the seller.
Have a detailed discussion with your lawyer and enquire about any restrictions or prohibitions on the property.
Also, apply for a unique tax registry number when buying a property in Greece.
Finally, hire a notary to ensure the process is legal and simply, pay your taxes.
We wish you good luck with your property purchase!